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Unscramble the clue to The Code

Updated Wednesday, 27th July 2011

Got your free mathematical puzzle? One of the clues to The Code Treasure Hunt can be found by unscrambling the puzzle on this page.

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The postcards with the extra clue for solving The Code are no longer available, but you can still take the challenge...

Here are the six questions from the postcards.

(1) What is the seventh prime number?
(2) What is the fifth digit after the decimal point in the decimal expansion of π?
(3) How many regular tessellations are there?
(4) How many sides does the third shape in the von Koch snowflake construction have?
(5) In what year was Edward Lorenz’s presentation that gave rise to the phrase the butterfly effect?
(6) How many dots are there on a pair of dice?

The information on the back of the postcards will help you solve these problems. The solutions to these problems are six whole numbers. If any of the numbers has more than two digits then you should ignore all but the last two digits. For example, if one of the answers is 7395, then we strike through all but the last two digits: 7395, and we are left with an answer of 95. Highlight your six numbers in the grid below.

The Code print grids Highlight your six numbers in this grid

Now highlight the corresponding six positions in the letter grid below, and the clue, which is a six letter word, will be revealed!

The Code print grids Highlight the corresponding six positions in this letter grid




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