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As it happened: Deep Impact, July 2005

Updated Monday, 4th July 2005

NASA's mission to smash the Deep Impact probe into Tempel One, tracked as it happened.

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Flyby with Impactor [image: NASA]

Full official mission updates are available at the NASA mission site and ESA's Rosetta mission pages

July 5th

Impact movie [Quick time format] [NASA] - watch the impact from the perspective of Deep Impact's flyby spacecraft

Deep Impact generates own flash [NASA] - "They say a picture can speak a thousand words. But when you take a look at some of the ones we captured in the early morning hours of July 4, 2005 I think you can write a whole encyclopedia." - Rick Grammier Deep Impact Project Manager

The Impact flash
Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

The high resolution camera on the fly-by space craft captures the plume of dust still rising some fifty minutes after the intial impact

Rosetta shows brightness of the impact [ESA] - offering coloured images of the impact and a mathematical depiction of the flash

July 4th


XMM-Newton detects water on Tempel 1 [ESA] - The European Space Agency's XMM-Newton observatory has detected the presence of water in the comet


Don't forget: Watch BBC TWO this evening at 8.00pm for Stardate's programme bringing you all the latest news, stories and images from the Deep Impact mission.


The initial impact
Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

This image of what's technically called the 'initial ejecta' was taken just 16 seconds after impact


Before the impact, as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope
After the impact
Images: NASA/STSCl

These before and after images from the Hubble telescope show the extreme effects of the impactor hitting the surface of Tempel 1


Watch the impact [Quicktime movie] - this link will take you to a Quicktime movie collated by NASA from images sent back from the impactor as it hurtled towards Tempel 1.


Deep Impact smashes all expectations [New Scientist] - interest is focussing on the size of the burst released when the impactor made contact. "How a washing-machine sized impactor could produce such a large disturbance is going to take some explanation" - Don Yeomans JPL scientist


ESA cheers on NASA's Deep Impact success [ESA] - "We are proud to be contributing to this campaign with some of our best sky-watchers - our Rosetta comet-chaser spacecraft, the XMM-Newton X-ray observatory, as well as Hubble Space Telescope (which we share with NASA) - and with ESA's Optical Ground Station in the Canary Islands. The results are going to be a terrific help in planning Rosetta's comet landing a decade from now." - David Southwood, European Space Agency's Director of Science


The hit of impact
NASA TV image of the moment of impact


Comet collision to shed new light on star [EducationGuardian] - "As of now, we have a totally different understanding of our solar system. It exceeded our expectations" - Charles Elachi, Director of NASA's Jet Propolsion Laboratory

Astrologer sues NASA [CNN] - A Russian astrologer is planning to sue NASA, claiming that the shattering of Tempel 1 has distorted the work she has done preparing horoscopes


Nasa probe strikes Comet Tempel 1 [BBC News] - The impactor collides with Tempel 1 at a speed of 37,000 km/h, throwing plumes of icy debris up into space and leaving NASA scientists "ecstatic"

July 2nd


The Impactor seen from the Deep Impact spacecraft

Separation anxiety [NASA] - The mothership sends back this image of the impactor heading towards Tempel 1. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

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