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Transit of Venus: Gallery

Updated Tuesday, 8th June 2004

Images and movies from the Transit of Venus

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If you missed third contact, or want to see it again, we've got a quicktime movie of the Stardate coverage.


If you don't have Quicktime you download quicktime for free. The video is 7.5 MB, and should take roughly 23 minutes to download with a 56k modem connection.

Here are some more visual records of the day:

Transit of Venus: Gallery inline 1

The TRACE satellite sends back an image from space as Venus starts its journey across the sun.

You can see movies taken by the TRACE satellite:
First movie
Second movie
Third movie
Obviously, these movies are quite large files and may take some time to download.

TRACE (Transition Region and Coronal Explorer) is a mission of the Stanford-Lockheed Institute for Space Research, and part of the NASA Small Explorer program.

Transit of Venus: Gallery inline 2
Its journey nearly completed, Venus reaches the far side of the sun. Image: Adrian Catterall

Transit of Venus
Viewer Robert Hesketh took this photo in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Transit of Venus
Thanks to Paul Chapman for this shot. He explains: "It just goes to show you don't have to be a genius with a camera as I got this shot of Venus in transit across the sun this morning. The picture was taken with a Hewlett Packard 945 using all of it's 8x optical zoom. Set to automatic exposure with the use of a camera stand and an appropriate filter, I clicked away. The photograph was taken in my back garden in Hornchurch Essex at 07.30am, this morning 08.06.04."

Transit of Venus
This is the apparatus used by viewer John Jacka to capture the next two shots of the transit:
Transit of Venus
Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus
And thanks to Tony Evans for this - he says this "photo is combination of 5 frames from video taken with Toucam Pro webcam attached to a Meade LX200."

Transit of Venus
The picture above shows how Darren Souter obtained the following ethereal images of the Transit. Darren, in Hull, used a hand-held Minolta aimed at a sheet of white paper onto which he projected the image from a four inch reflecting telescope:
Transit of Venus
Transit of Venus
Transit of Venus

Many thousands of astronomers were observing, from right across the globe. Some of those joining in on our forum provided links to their own images taken during the day. And you can find many more images and movies on these other websites:

The Open University and the BBC are not responsible for the content of external websites. - University of Central Lancashire's Official Site - ESO's Transit of Venus portal
NASA-Goddard - SOHO images
TRACE - A view from a space telescope
The Exploratorium - offering a live webcast
Mira Public Observatory - offering the transit from a Belgian perspective
V2K4 - observed the transit from India
Armagh Observatory - closer to home, this site has images from Ireland
Morden Observatory - Adrian Catterall's images from Greenwich
If you were intrigued by the footage Michael showed Lucie of the International Space Station transiting the Sun, you might be interested in John Locker's website, which manages a 'double whammy' of Space Station and Venus on the same day





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