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60 second adventures: Behind the scenes

Updated Friday, 8th April 2016

Go behind the scenes with the 60-second adventures team to learn how OU academic content is transformed into informative and entertaining short animations.

This page was published over five years ago. Please be aware that due to the passage of time, the information provided on this page may be out of date or otherwise inaccurate, and any views or opinions expressed may no longer be relevant. Some technical elements such as audio-visual and interactive media may no longer work. For more detail, see our Archive and Deletion Policy

Narrated by David Mitchell, the 60 Second Adventures animation series began in 2011 with ’60 Second Adventures in Thought’ exploring paradoxes and thought experiments such as The Grandfather paradox and Schrodinger’s Cat. Since then the series has explored economics, religion, astronomy and now microgravity.

This short video features commentary from writer Jon Hunter, Senior Lecturer Helen Fraser and Senior Producer Catherine Chambers on the making of the Microgravity series. 






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