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Social Sciences

Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019

Some of the material presented here is from The Open University BA (Honours) Social Sciences qualification, which Students with an HNC or HND in Social Sciences can transfer credit to.

Transferring credit from an HNC or HND reduces the time it will take to complete the BA (Honours) Social Sciences qualification. Visit our College Routes pages to find out more about making the most of your HNC or HND and working towards a degree with the Open University.




  1. Modern slavery
  2. Forensic psychology
  3. The meaning of crime
  4. Political ordering
  5. What is Europe?
  6. Reading evidence
  7. Identity in question
  8. Psychological research, obedience and ethics
  9. Politics, media and war: 9/11 and its aftermaths
  10. Discovering disorder: young people and delinquency
  11. Poverty in Scotland





  1. Children’s rights
  2. Does prison work?
  3. Psychology in the 21st century
  4. Passports: identity and airports
  5. Social psychology and politics
  6. Democracy? Do you think you know?
  7. Nationalism, self-determination and secession
  8. The politics of devolution
  9. Social problems: Who makes them?
  10. Living and working in the new economy
  11. Who belongs to Glasgow?
  12. Social construction and social constructionism
  13. Understanding media: The celebrity in the text
  14. How arguments are constructed and used in the Social Sciences
  15. Learning from audio-visual material: Introducing surveillance
  16. Welfare reconstruction
  17. What do we mean by 'family'?
  18. Investigating psychology
  19. Making sense of ourselves



  1. Physical activity: a family affair
  2. Sexual orientation and gender identity
  3. Introduction to critical criminology
  4. Attention
  5. Sexuality, parenthood and population
  6. Remaking the relations of work and welfare
  7. Race, ethnicity and crime
  8. Who counts as a refugee?
  9. Retiring lives? Old age, work and welfare
  10. Criminology beyond crime
  11. Themes in discourse research: The case of Diana
  12. The social in social science

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