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Arwen Bailey On Using Systems Thinking In Practice

Updated Tuesday, 14th December 2021
Arwen Bailey speaks with Prof. Simon Bell about systems in agricultural research.

Transcript (PDF document22.4 KB)

About Arwen

Arwen is a knowledge sharing specialist working in the field of agricultural research for development at the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). Arwen is amongst our first group of postgraduate STiP alumni having enrolled with the launch of the two core modules in 2010 Thinking strategically (TU811) and Managing systemic change (TU812) precursors to 2020 editions Making strategy with STiP (TB871) and Managing change with STiP (TB872). Arwen graduated with the MSc STiP in 2012.

Arwen uses her qualifications and interest in systems thinking, social learning and gender to strengthen the way we present our research to make a difference in complex and contested situations.  Arwen states “Sharing knowledge is a vital part of applied systems thinking. Sharing knowledge is about sharing different constituencies’ experiences of a problematic situation, their aspirations and their preferred ways of improving the situation and about creating space for dialogue in order to generate new knowledge and open space for new options”


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