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Changing law: mental capacity legislation

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Changing law: mental capacity legislation

The aim of this free course, Changing law: mental capacity legislation, is to consider how legal problems are identified and how the law develops to address those problems. It uses the evolution of legislation on decision making for mentally incapacitated adults to explore how development of the law is achieved. Through this study of the background to, and history of, the passage of legislation relating to mental capacity, legal meaning is discussed and explored.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • analyse, interpret and apply case law and legislation, while examining the specific context of mental capacity
  • develop an awareness of the context of law and law reform in the UK
  • trace and retrieve legal sources and cite these correctly
  • develop a critical awareness of contemporary legal developments by examining the law reform in a specific area.

First Published: 17/06/2014

Updated: 29/03/2016