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Five Equity, Trust and Land Law Cases You Should Know

Updated Tuesday 7th August 2018

From gagging a kiss and tell story to the issues around the statement 'finders keepers', take a look at some of these extraordinary animated law cases and why they matter.

CTB v News Group Newspapers Limited and Imogen Thomas 

Does the right to freedom of expression and information prevail over a right to privacy? Not always, as shown in this animation about anonymised injunctions…

Lloyds Bank plc v Rosset

If you are unmarried and living with your partner in a property, do you have an interest in the property if your partner is the sole legal owner? Find out in this animated video…

Waverley Borough Council v Fletcher 

How does the term ‘finders keepers’ stand in the eyes of the law? It can differ if the object is found in or attached to land as demonstrated in this case…

McGovern v Attorney-General 

Can an organisation that undertakes a political purpose be considered a charity? The answer is not so simple…

Street v Mountford

If you occupy a property how do you know whether you have a tenancy (a lease) or only a licence? Here’s an introduction to the basic elements of a lease…

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