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Misha Hebel On Using Systems Thinking In Practice

Updated Tuesday, 11 January 2022
Misha Hebel speaks with Prof. Simon Bell about emergent properties, rich pictures, environmental challenges and the pandemic from a systems perspective.

Transcript (PDF document20.3 KB)

About Misha

Misha describes herself as “proud to be a graduate of the OU with a BA(hons) in Design and Systems Thinking. This degree proved excellent training for a PhD at City, University of London using Systems Methodologies to explore value systems in performance measurement. Consequently I’ve been a user, researcher and teacher of systems thinking for many decades. I am fascinated by synergy and emergent properties and enjoy the unexpected. I retired from teaching a few years back and I am currently the Clerk (CEO) of a Livery Company the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers in the City of London.  I use systems thinking tools in my work life to understand complex situations, communicate with others and clarify purpose when things get confusing. When not analyzing problems or coming up with cunning plans I like to paint using acrylics and do wine tastings.”


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