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Updated Wednesday, 29 April 2020
Progress from free, informal learning to formal study with university courses leading to professional qualifications.

Studying with The Open University

Thinking of studying with The Open University? You’re not alone. Thousands of learners have experienced the quality of our free, informal provision and have gone on to study at The Open University.

We are the largest provider of part-time higher education in Wales.  Find out about The Open University in Wales and browse our full range of courses and qualifications.

More free course materials on OpenLearn

If you would like to explore further, choose from over 700 free courses on our OpenLearn website.

  • Try a free OpenLearn course which are adapted  extracts from Open University course materials
  • Explore our resources – watch, listen, debate and discover with our experts
  • Follow The Open University on the BBC – TV and radio resources in our What’s On area.
  • More free courses in Welsh

    Visit Y Porth - the main platform for delivering and managing Welsh medium provision for the students of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

    The educational resources on the Porth were developed by university teaching staff throughout Wales.


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