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A complex and evolving debate

Updated Tuesday, 30th April 2013

Article four of eight: Just how complex is the debate?

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Before examining the cases for and against independence, as put forward by the main campaign groups, it is worthwhile emphasising the complexity of the overall debate with regards to how various people see the issues and outcomes.

The following video presents a discussion between two Scottish socialist politicians (Dennis Canavan and George Galloway) over what Scottish independence means to them. Both politicians supported the campaign for Scottish devolution in the 1980s and '90s. Dennis Canavan argues the case for independence in terms of increasing political representation and dynamism as well as providing Scotland with the ability to decrease social inequality. Galloway actually supports a position called 'Devo Max', under which more powers would be given to the Scottish Parliament, but not full independence, which he sees as 'dividing' the UK working class. Filmed at the time of the launch of the Yes and No campaigns, their positions highlight the sorts of divisions to be found within the two general camps. Galloway does not want the break-up of the Union, but does not define himself as a 'unionist', and wants little to do with the official campaign. The video still draws out some of the key arguments on both sides of the debate, which are examined in other articles from the collection.


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