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Debate: The UK

Updated Tuesday, 27th October 2009

Community member Habbuk wondered if the nation needed a direction

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A crowd of people

We can solve the banking problem, we can ameliorate the unemployment, we can stimulate the economy with a share here and a grant there, but actually what is the grand plan for our society as a whole?

Some things are clear, they are not our goals, otherwise we would be pursuing them already. We are not building a small state with aggressive but effective capitalism, nor a Scandinavian socialist paradise. We are not spearheading the race to transform ourselves with the latest technology, we are not building a beautiful balanced habitat for man and the natural world, neither are we rushing out into space to colonize the moon and mine asteroids. What we are doing is trying moderately hard to fix self created problems in a short term underfunded way, and drifting into gradual improvement on random fronts.

We interfere violently a bit in other cultures but have no real alternative to offer as an ideal model. There is no grand plan to be the richest nation in Europe, or the best educated, or the most ecological, or even the happiest with least crime. We are just lost souls.

Until we have a national goal, defined dreams, and a purpose we will continue to muddle along blaming the global situation and changes for our lack of ambition and gradual decline.

I believe the nation is suffering from depression, among other symptoms, and that with some inspired leadership we could use the current and coming shocks as a therapy to dream in a better future, what that might be is still currently a choice, but if we continue to waste our energy and tinker about at the margins and prevaricate long enough we will get a paradigm shift imposed upon us settled according to criteria set by Nature and others, a new balance yes, but not of our choosing and probably not to our liking either!

Shaman say everything is given except purpose, that is where we are stuck, we are afraid to select a national goal, and unable to unite behind it, and no elected leader is brave or intelligent enough to articulate one.


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