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Author: Gerry Mooney

Independence, social welfare and a fairer Scotland

Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2013
This collection of articles focuses on the role of social welfare in the debates around Scottish independence.

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The Main Debating Chamber of Scottish Parliament The main debating chamber of Scottish Parliament


This collection focuses on the role of social welfare, and the arguments around inequality and fairness, which featured in the debates surrounding Scottish independence and its alternatives in the run up to the referendum on independence for Scotland on 18th September 2014. It explores the ways in which such issues became increasingly pivotal in these debates and considers the contrasting arguments of those in favour and those against Scottish independence.

This collection accompanies two others: The context for the independence debate, which considers the process of how and why the issue of independence for Scotland came to political prominence in the first decades of the 21st century, and The debate on Scottish independence, which focuses on the main ideas that are being advanced in the debate, the arguments for and against independence for Scotland and what the implications might be for people in Scotland of a Yes vote for independence.

A key theme running across these collections is that while the focus is on developments in Scotland, they have a much wider cross-UK resonance and potential implications. Social welfare represents a particularly potent illustration of this.

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Article 1: Contemporary Scotland: A changing welfare landscape?

Article 2: Scotland: A social welfare laboratory?

Article 3: Scotland: An increasingly distinctive society?

Article 4: Social welfare in the independence debate

Article 5: Scottish values, social democracy and social welfare

Article 6: Social welfare, the social union or a ‘race to the bottom’?

Article 7: Imagining a fairer Scotland and Summary

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This article is part of the Scotland's Future collection, exploring the debate and national identity as the country prepares to vote on independence.

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