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The 1981 Toxteth Riots: Behind the story

Updated Wednesday, 13th July 2011
Want to understand what really happened in Liverpool back in 1981? We've got some good places to start

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If you'd like to know more about the riots that took place in Liverpool 1981, we've chosen some good places to start.

Princes Avenue, Toxteth Toxteth today: Princes Avenue

Thinking Allowed debate

The University of Liverpool's Diane Frost and Richard Phillips talk about their findings with Laurie Taylor.

Read the transcript

The Real Thing: Soundtrack to the riots

The Guardian's Ed Vulliamy meets Eddy Amoo of the Liverpool band The Real Thing, and discovers how a modern soul standard had its roots in the riots.

Read the Eddy Amoo interview at

Has anything changed?

The BBC Liverpool website invited people to share their memories of the riots - and to reveal how far they think things have changed.

Read Liverpool: Local history at

Twenty years on

BBC News Online revisited Toxteth on the 20th anniversary, in 2001.

Read Toxteth Riots Remembered at BBC News Online

Remembering The Riots

To mark the publication of Remembering The Riots, The Big Issue In The North hears how the regeneration programme started after the riots seems to have stopped altogether.

Read Toxteth Riots at The Big Issue In The North

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