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Author: Matthew Cole

Sanctuary Tales: Fighting Speciesism One Animal at a Time

Updated Friday, 29 March 2024

In this film about a Norfolk animal sanctuary, we meet some of the animals who live there and the people who care for them.

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In this film, we reflect on some of the reasons why animal sanctuaries are needed. Other animals are often victims of neglect or harm, due to how humans perceive and use them, such as for food and clothing. Sanctuaries such as Hillside provide us with a unique insight into how animals can survive these difficult circumstances, and go on to live fulfilling lives, protected from further harm. Let’s watch and reflect on how these inspiring individual stories can help us imagine a less harmful future for all other animals. 


We hope you enjoyed this short visit to Hillside. If you are interested in the issues raised in the film, you can learn more from our veganism interactive. The interactive will introduce you to the concept of speciesism, which is an important idea that helps us to understand why other animals are often placed in harm’s way. It will also consider how we can respond to the harms of speciesism and what role veganism might play in that process.

There is also a range of OpenLearn resources that explore different facets of speciesism and veganism. You can find links to these below. If you enjoyed this film and have an OpenLearn account, please take a moment to leave a review and comment below.



Thank you to the Hillside animal sanctuary in Norfolk for hosting us during our visit to see the animals and the people protecting them.



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