Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health

Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health
    • Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Module

      Welcome to the Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health module of the HEAT Programme

      About 63% of the total population of Ethiopia is below the age of 25 years. Young people of ages 10–24 are the largest group to be entering adulthood in Ethiopian history. This cohort of young people makes up 25% of the total population (2007 Census).

      The health of young people is directly affected by the socio-cultural and economic context in which they live. Being aware of the various interrelated and complex reproductive health problems that young Ethiopians face, the Government of Ethiopia has shown its commitment to improving the reproductive health status of young Ethiopians through issuing the National Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Strategy (Federal Ministry of Health, (FMOH) 2007).

      In line with the strategy, the Federal Ministry of Health has also developed service delivery guidelines and standards and training manuals on youth-friendly reproductive health services. Health workers have an important role in improving the reproductive health of young people in Ethiopia. As a community health practitioner, you can contribute to the improvement of the reproductive health of young people through various means. Young people have needs that are quite different from those of older people. Understanding their special needs is key to helping them. Providing them with the appropriate information and services, mobilising the community in support of adolescent and youth reproductive health programmes, and working with and for young people are the major interventions that you can focus on in your community.

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      As a health worker using these free materials you will learn more about Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health.

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      mwiya mutandi18 October 2017 9:30

      well summarized course and quite engaging

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