Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Module: 8. Contraceptive Options for Young People

Study Session 8  Contraceptive Options for Young People


The Family Planning Module covers the different methods of contraception. In this session you will learn about contraceptive options that are suitable for young people (remember that by young people we mean those aged 10–24). If a girl becomes pregnant when she is very young, it can be damaging to her physically and can also have bad social and economic consequences for her and her partner. You will help young people by counselling them on delaying pregnancy and childbearing and by providing appropriate contraceptive methods. Many young people avoid using contraceptives or discontinue using them either because they have misinformation about contraceptive methods or because they are worried by side effects. It is important to dispel misinformation about contraceptives and address the side effects of contraceptive use to ensure that young people choose a suitable method of contraception and continue to use it properly.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 8