Promoting sustainability in business: a values-based toolkit

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Promoting sustainability in business: a values-based toolkit
    • Promoting sustainability in business

      This short course will give you a thorough introduction to a new values-based approach that can help you to overcome some common challenges when working with SMEs, promote deeper engagement with environmental issues and deliver more cost-effective and lasting outcomes. It sets out the key research evidence, provides a variety of realistic, case-based illustrations and incorporates a practical toolkit that you can adapt for your own purposes.  It has been used successfully by individuals and organisations in the UK and internationally.

      The course has been developed by a multidisciplinary project team, including specialists in energy, environmental management, small business, innovation and communication. It was co-created with a group of business advisors, owners and managers, some of whom are featured in the learning activities.

      This Open Educational Resource (OER) provides approximately 300 minutes (5 hours) of core study time. It includes a mixture of assimilative learning activities (e.g. viewing videos, reading online text and offline materials) and more active learning activities (e.g. completing written exercises and simple online quizzes designed to review knowledge).

      Engaging with SMEs during the Covid-19 crisis? - though SMEs have been facing unprecedented pressures as a result of the global epidemic, the principles developed in this course, based on values-based engagement, remain relevant.  See this report by our partners, Climate Outreach, which responds to the challenge of communicating in a radically changed context.

      View interactive version here – Click on the boxes in the interactive diagram when you are logged in for more information about the different elements of the course. (Please note, the interactive diagram and the video above do not currently display correctly in Firefox, you may need to use another browser such as an up-to-date version of Chrome or Edge instead.)

    • Course learning outcomes

      After studying this course, you should be able to:

      • Describe the main challenges that advisors experience when they seek to engage SME owners and managers with environmental issues, including climate change.
      • Indicate the key features of the values-based approach, and how it has been used to engage with a range of ‘hard to reach’ groups.
      • Summarise the research evidence that underpins the values-based approach.
      • Explain the different elements of the values-based toolkit and how they can promote more effective forms of engagement.
      • Experiment with the values-based toolkit in a realistic case-based situation.
      • Reflect on and adapt the values-based approach to meet the specific requirements of your own work setting.

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