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Participatory video for facilitators

Participatory video for facilitators

      The “Participatory Video course for facilitators” will introduce you to participatory video techniques and approaches both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. The course will give you some basic skills in video-making and the knowledge you need to facilitate groups and support them to tell their stories. This course is designed with a lot of visual material such as videos and quizzes to help you learn in a fun and engaging way.

      Who should study the course?

      The course can be studied by anyone who wants to develop knowledge and understanding about participatory video, irrespective of their level of education. It is therefore useful for those who support marginalised groups, from diverse backgrounds including policymakers, practitioners, researchers, project managers and others who are already using, or who wish to learn how to use, participatory video approach.

      How learners can go about the course and the self assessment

      On the home page you will find the following tabs: “Course description”, “Course content” and “Course review”The “Course description” , where you are now,  contains a brief course description and outcomes.  By clicking the “Course content tab” you can see the list of the 15 course lessons.  Each lesson contains a video and a final self-assessment quizSome lessons also contain text and illustrations The videos can be directly played within the course page. To turn on the video subtitles click on the icon “CC” that is located at the bottom right corner of the video. 

      To access the quizzes click on the icon

      To start the quiz click “Start Attempt”.  After you’ve answered all questions make sure you click “Finish Attempt” and then “Submit all and finish” to see the quiz evaluation .   To go back to the other lessons click on “Course content”. You can take the self-assessment quizzes as many times as you want.  We recommend you take them until you get everything correct to make sure you fully understand the material.  If you want to send us any feedback on the course you can go to the Homepage and click on the “Course Review” tab.

    • Gain a digital badge

      Gain a digital badge

      By studying the course you will have the opportunity to gain a digital badge – you need to click on the ‘Enrol’ button to be able to do the quizzes and earn the badge.

    • Course learning outcomes

      Learning outcomes

      By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

      • Distinguish between Participatory video and documentary filmmaking 
      • Recognise the key ethical issues and your role as a facilitator
      • Describe the main elements of creating a participatory video
      • Explain the importance of participatory video screening and sharing

    Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

    Course content

    • Expand01 The role of the facilitator in participatory video

    • Expand02 Ethical considerations in participatory video

    • Expand03 Participatory video and documentary filmmaking

    • Expand04 Basic equipment kit for Participatory Video projects

    • Expand06 Framing your videos

    • Expand07 Lighting your videos

    • Expand10 How to conduct a video interview

    • Expand11 Script and dialogues in a video

    • Expand12 The storyboard

    • Expand13 Video editing

    • Expand14 The importance of sharing in participatory video projects

    • Expand15 Tutorial videos

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      Suhaib Khamaiseh

      Suhaib Khamaiseh6 December 2020 11:47

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      Cha Nyincho Jevis

      Cha Nyincho Jevis3 December 2020 6:24

      It help me build my capacity on film making

    About this course

    • 3 hours study
    • Level 1: Introductory
    • Gain a digital badge


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