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  • Dechrau gyda seicoleg

    Dechrau gyda seicoleg

    Y 'pos mwyaf a phwysicaf' rydym yn ei wynebu fel pobl yw ni ein hunain (Boring, 1950, tud. 56). Mae pobl yn bos - yn bos cymhleth, cynnil ac amlhaenog, a daw'n fwy cymhleth fyth wrth i ni esblygu dros amser a newid o fewn cyd-destunau gwahanol. Wrth ateb y cwestiwn 'Beth sy'n ein gwneud ni yn pwy ydym ni?', mae seicolegwyr yn cyflwyno amrywiaeth o esboniadau pam bod pobl yn teimlo, yn meddwl ac yn ymddwyn fel ag y maent. Pan fydd yn ymddangos bod seicolegwyr yn deall un rhan o 'pwy ydym ni', daw tystiolaeth newydd i ddangos ochr wahanol i'r amlwg! Nid yw'n hawdd nodi'r holl ddylanwadau.

  • Design and Build Digital Assessments

    Design and Build Digital Assessments

    Systematic Approaches to Digital Assessment in Further and Higher Education. A practical course focusing on 'soft' issues not covered in most research studies or sources of guidance. Steps through the process of converting an assessment from paper to digital.

  • Fit for Law: Emotional competence and professional resilience

    Fit for Law: Emotional competence and professional resilience

    A course on emotional competence and professional resilience for both individual legal professionals and employers, to promote psychologically and emotionally healthier ways of working in law.

  • Starting with psychology

    Starting with psychology

    The most ‘important and greatest puzzle’ we face as humans is ourselves (Boring, 1950, p. 56). Humans are a puzzle – one that is complex, subtle and multi-layered, and it gets even more complicated as we evolve over time and change in different contexts. When answering the question ‘What makes us who we are?’, psychologists put forward a range of explanations about why people feel, think and behave the way they do. Just when psychologists seem to understand one bit of ‘who we are’, up pops some new evidence to show a different side! It is not easy to pin down all the many influences.

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