Understanding the learning needs of women within their local context


1. Understanding the learning needs of women within their local context

Allow about 35 minutes for this session overall

Having studied what makes an online course attractive to learners, we now turn to the learner. The challenge for those who design and produce online courses is to understand who their learners are, their learning needs and how to link these to the learning outcomes, content and assessment of the course. Focusing on women in marginalised communities, this session provides three inter-linked activities for addressing this challenge.

For this session, two of the activities, section 2.2 and section 2.3 include Voice-Over-PowerPoint presentations for you to watch. Voice Over PowerPoint allows you to record voice narration on your PowerPoint lecture or presentation content. Adding a vocal explanation helps to explain in more details the key information on the slides. If you have a microphone and speakers, and a webcam, you can record your PowerPoint presentation for your learners to watch or listen as a video or audio file.

The final item of the course content page is titled Resources. Here you will see the three PowerPoint slides that are provided for this session. If you are unable to review  the presentations directly on the activity page, for example, because of connectivity issues, you can download the slides and review them offline before returning to complete the activities in this session.