Course Summary and Assessment


1. End of course assessment

Allow about 25 minutes for this session overall

To test your understanding of the course and claim your certificate you will now complete a quiz. You must obtain a score of at least 50% to qualify for the badge. The quiz has six questions. 

Some of the questions have more than one answer, in which case you will get part of the marks for any correct answer. Other questions have one answer choice only.

There is no limit to the number of attempts at the whole quiz.

If you get less than 50% you will need to start again if you want to earn your badge.

If you are not successful the first time, you can attempt the quiz again until you pass.

When you have finished the quiz, click on “Finish attempt” to review your ‘Summary of attempt’. Once you are happy with your answers ‘Submit all and finish’.

Grading method: Highest grade

Now complete the quiz by clicking on End-of-course-quiz