Unit 1: Leadership skills required for safeguarding


1.2 Meet the authors, educators and mentors

This course has been created by The Open University in partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in the UK.

It draws on the experience and expertise of practitioners and academics in the international development sector.

Meet the authors and educators:

Aneeta Williams is an international human rights lawyer and expert in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, gender and sexual violence, and human rights and IHL in the international aid sector.

Janet Webb is the Associate Head of School for Nursing and Health Professions at The Open University and has extensive experience of teaching and developing safeguarding and child protection courses.

Susan Fawssett is an Open University tutor and a seasoned development researcher. She works extensively with international development organisations to deliver training and author teaching materials.

Andy Rixon is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Wellbeing and Social Care at The Open University, specialising in children, young people, and families. Andy has a background as a social worker.