Unit 1: Leadership skills required for safeguarding


1.3 Learning on this course

How to get the best out of some of the features of this course

Throughout the course, you will come across links to external web pages that navigate you away from this course. It is recommended that you hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and click on the link with your mouse to open the web page in a new browser tab.

In this way, you can keep your course open in one tab and view the new content in a separate tab. 

The course will also contain learning resources and tools that can be downloaded as you progress that will assist you in learning and implementing the process. You can easily find the tools and templates for each unit under the blue contents bar.

There is an opportunity to obtain a free Statement of Participation and Digital badge at the end of the course. You will need to read through every page of the course and score 80% or above in the quizzes to receive the badge and statement of participation.

Learning journal

To enhance your learning, you are asked to keep a learning journal as you progress through this course. This way, you can make notes on:

  • Ideas that may come to you when you are either studying or in the workplace, or at any other time.
  • Your responses to particular activities.
  • Notes about articles that you read as you go along.
  • Notes about discussions you have had with others.
  • Questions that occur to you while you are studying.
  • Reflections on what you think or feel about your learning.

Your learning journal is personal to you, and it should be useful to you. You may want to share parts of it with a friend or colleague. There are no rules for keeping a learning journal – some days you may write a great deal, and at other times only a little. However, you are advised to write notes in such a way that you can understand them later. This is because we see this course as a starting point for your professional development.

There are lots of practical ideas for you to try and we hope you will keep practising the techniques that you learn. In this way, you will have a reference to the things you have learnt even when you are away from a computer.

You can keep your journal in a format that appeals to you and is easy for you to maintain – it could be an ordinary paper notebook or on a desktop or mobile device.

You may find My Learning Journal useful as a starter document (Word) to record your notes.