Unit 1: Leadership skills required for safeguarding


1.11 How to build a team to improve organisational safeguarding

Part of a being a good leader is to support your staff in finding the space in which they can grow, develop. and be appreciated for what they do.

To do so, team leaders should know about how teams grow to be functional, where trust and respect are foundational stones to this. One model of team development was proposed by Tuckman (1965) who argued that teams will go through various stages – ‘forming’, ‘storming’, ‘norming’, ‘performing’ and ‘adjourning’.


Activity 1.5 How to build a team

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Watch the video above on team development which explains these stages and the different roles that a leader can play at each of the stages and then respond to the following questions in your learning journal:

  • What leadership skills did the manager display?
  • Why are these skills particularly important to support safeguarding in organisations?

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