Unit 3: Reporting, responding and investigations


3.3 What are the next steps?

Leaders in international organisations must be clear and decisive when taking next steps.

Such next steps may include:

  • Setting up a safeguarding committee or organising one specifically to deal with safeguarding concerns.
  • Deciding on who should be part of this committee to streamline decisions being taken. Ensuring that there are regular and co-opted members.
  • Communicating with stakeholders (donors, regulatory bodies, staff and partners) without divulging confidential information.
  • Risk assessing next steps including undertaking an internal investigation and/or reporting to law enforcement.

Activity 3.2 Handling safeguarding concerns

Read the RSH flowchart resource, Case handling for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Nigeria. Use it to review how things work in your own organisation

  • What next steps do you take in your organisation when receiving a safeguarding concern?
  • How are decisions made to determine next steps?
  • Are these documented and how?
  • Who is involved in making decisions to ensure impartiality and oversight?