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Departure from a place of abode, natural home, or country for life or residence elsewhere.

Empirical research

Research Evidence that is based on observation and measurement of phenomena, as directly experienced by the researcher. The data that is collected this way can be compared against a theory or hypothesis, but the results are still based on real life experiences.

Evidence Café Champions

Are individuals at any level of the organisation who initiate and facilitate change. They provide a grounding for the Evidence Café in three ways:

  • Support to identify a topic relevant to the stakeholders
  • Enable the development and implementation of appropriate discussion objects for the evidence cafe
  • Facilitate and moderate the evidence café so that equitable engagement is ensured throughout.

Evidence claims

Claims that stakeholders can make around the evidence (which includes personal experiences, research data etc) that they present.

Evidence pyramid

Is a discussion object which defines different levels of evidence analysis from large quantities of raw data that have not been analysed to meaning attributed for information and deeper knowledge insights and actionable know-how.

Evidence typology

Is a discussion object which builds upon the evidence pyramid and represents different types of evidence from different types of stakeholders. Rigour in the evidence collection and analysis usually increases from; public stories, expert reports, institutional and governmental policies and procedures, academic and institutional research.

Experiential accounts

Evidence that is based upon people’s experiences and stories that are based upon real life experiences. 

Experiential stories data

Experiential accounts: evidence that is based upon people’s experiences and stories that are based upon real life experiences. 

Expert interpretive analysis

Expert reviews or analytics that interpret evidence reviewing specific topics. The expertise may be framed by regulatory standards or be framed by the individual’s expertise.

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