Family Planning Module: 2. Family Planning Service Delivery and Programme Management

Study Session 2  Family Planning Service Delivery and Programme Management


Providing effective family planning services which address the needs of the community is essential. Therefore, service delivery strategies need to be tailored to reach populations in different locations, such as urban areas, rural towns, villages and remote areas. The most common family planning service delivery approaches comprise health facilities, health posts, health centres, hospitals, and community-based distribution, which includes commercial retail sales, door-to-door service delivery, and workplace distribution.

Family planning programme management is about finding the most effective way to carry out activities related to family planning services, using appropriate human, material, financial and timely resources to reach set targets.

In this study session, you will learn about the most commonly used family planning service delivery strategies practised in Ethiopia, and fundamental aspects of family planning programme management, including planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 2