Family Planning Module: 11. Postpartum and Post-Abortion Family Planning

Study Session 11  Postpartum and Post-Abortion Family Planning


The provision of family planning is important for women in the postpartum and post-abortion periods because fertility can return surprisingly quickly after giving birth if not breastfeeding, or after having an abortion. In some cases, women have become pregnant before having their first menstruation following a delivery or abortion, and often the pregnancy is unwanted and may end up with a further abortion. Unfortunately, a large number of women who wish to delay or prevent future pregnancies receive little or no information on effective family planning methods during the postpartum or post-abortion period, including how or where to obtain family planning methods, and how soon they should be started. The majority of women receiving abortion or post-abortion care do not want to become pregnant again in the near future. It is because of these issues that it is important for you to know the family planning needs of women during this critical period.

In this study session, you will learn about the provision of family planning following abortion and childbirth. You will discuss the reasons for giving post-abortion/postpartum family planning, and you will cover the definitions, essential components, advantages and family planning options for women.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 11