3.4.2  Method-specific counselling

In method-specific counselling, you give more information about the chosen method. In this case, you can explain the examination for fitness (screening), and instruct on how and when to use the given method (see Box 3.1). You will also tell the client when to return for follow-up, and ask them to repeat what you have said on key information.

Box 3.1  Family planning counselling — the BRAIDED approach

The acronym BRAIDED can help you remember what to talk about when you counsel clients on specific methods. It stands for:

B  Benefits of the method

R  Risks of the method, including consequences of method failure

A  Alternatives to the method (including abstinence and no method)

I  Inquiries about the method (individual’s right and responsibility to ask)

D  Decision to withdraw from using the method, without penalty

E  Explanation of the method chosen

D  Documentation of the session for your own records.

3.4  Overview of the stages of counselling for family planning

3.4.3  Return/follow-up counselling