3.5.5  E — Explain how to use a method

After a method has been chosen:

  • Give supplies if appropriate.
  • If the method cannot be given immediately, explain how, when and where it will be provided.
  • For methods like voluntary sterilisation the client will have to sign a consent form. The form says that they want the method, have been informed about it, and understand this information. You must help the individual understand the consent form.
  • Explain how to use the method.
  • Ask the client to repeat the instructions.
  • Describe any possible side-effects and warning signs, and tell them what to do if they occur.
  • Ask them to repeat this information back to you.
  • Give them printed material about the method to take home if it is available.
  • Tell them when to come back for a follow-up visit and to come back sooner if they wish, or if side-effects or warning signs occur.

3.5.4  H — Help them to choose a method

3.5.6  R — Appoint a return visit for follow-up