3.5.6  R — Appoint a return visit for follow-up

At the follow-up visit:

  • ask the client if she is, or they are, still using the method, and whether there have been any problems.
  • ask if there have been any side-effects.
  • reassure the client/s concerning minor side-effects. Explain that the side effects are not dangerous and suggest what can be done to relieve them.
  • refer for treatment in the case of severe side-effects.
  • ask the client if they have any questions.

If the clients want to use a different method, tell them about other methods and help in this choice. It is important to remember that changing methods is not bad. The main thing is that they can choose a method which is acceptable and appropriate. If the clients now want to have a child, help them to discontinue the use of their current method of family planning. Make sure the clients know when and where to go for prenatal care when the spouse becomes pregnant.

3.5.5  E — Explain how to use a method

3.6  Factors influencing family planning counselling outcomes