7.4.2  Checking the IUCD

You should advise women that they can keep track of an IUCD by checking for its strings, and they can feel for the strings by putting a finger into their vagina. Some women prefer to look for the string with a mirror and flashlight. It is generally recommended that women check their IUCD after each period. A shorter than normal string can be a warning sign of a misplaced IUCD. Missing strings may mean that the IUCD has been expelled. If the string is missing, you should advise the woman to visit the health post or health centre in order to have a back-up method of birth control. If the woman misses a period while on an IUCD, she may need to take a pregnancy test.

7.4.1  When to start using an IUCD

7.5  Advantages and disadvantages