7.5  Advantages and disadvantages

7.5.1  Advantages of the Copper T 380A IUCD

IUCDs are a highly effective, safe, long-acting contraceptive method. Women need to make only a single decision to use it, whereas the pill requires daily decisions, and condoms and spermicides require decisions with each act of intercourse. Although it is more expensive initially than other contraceptives, the IUCD is less costly over its years of use. Therefore, it is a cost-effective method that can be appropriate in poor countries like Ethiopia.

In addition, the IUCD is a good option for those who have to take medical precautions using hormonal methods, as there are no hormonal side effects with copper-bearing or inert IUDs. It does not interact with any medicine the client may be taking, so it is ideal for those who are taking antiepileptic or antituberculosis medications.

The IUCD is best used by those wanting a long-acting and prompt reversible method. A new device can be inserted without any gap as many times as a woman desires during her reproductive life. The Copper T 380A IUCD also helps prevent ectopic pregnancies (there is less risk of ectopic pregnancy than for women not using any family planning method).

When inserted within five to seven days of unprotected intercourse, the Copper T 380A gives good protection against unintended pregnancy (see Study Session 10, Emergency Contraception). Furthermore, since Copper T 380A IUCD does not affect the quantity and quality of breastmilk, it can be used by lactating women.

  • What are the main advantages of using IUCDs?

  • The main advantages are as follows:

    • IUCDs are highly cost-effective long-acting contraceptives.
    • IUCDs can be used by those who are not able to use hormonal methods.
    • IUCDs do not interact with any medicines the client may be taking.
    • IUCDs are appropriate for lactating mothers as they do not affect breastmilk.

7.4.2  Checking the IUCD

7.5.2  Disadvantages of the Copper T 380A IUCD