8.3.3  Advantages and disadvantages of female condoms


Female and male condoms have many advantages in common. However, the following advantages are specific to female condoms:

  • Unlike the male condom, erection is not necessary to keep the condom in place.
  • Female condoms do not reduce a male partner’s stimulation.
  • Female condoms can be used by people who are known to be sensitive to latex because, while most male condoms are made of latex, female condoms are made of plastic, which rarely causes an allergic reaction.


These are the most common disadvantages of the female condom:

  • Female condoms make a noticeable sound during sexual intercourse.
  • It is sometimes difficult to insert or use, and some women can have difficulty on the first attempt at self-insertion.
  • It can break or leak.
  • It is much more expensive than a male condom.

8.3.2  How to use a female condom

8.4  The diaphragm