Learning Session 4: Pleasure anatomy


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Figure 4.1 Learning about anatomy

This session aims to help you to ensure that sexual pleasure is included in sessions which focus on the body and anatomy.

Sexuality education has often focused on bodies and anatomy. While this is obviously a very important element, it’s also now agreed that a more modern and positive approach to teaching about sexuality includes a wider understanding of sexuality and wellbeing – and sexual pleasure in particular. If we only teach about bodies in relation to reproduction, we exclude young people who want sex but not children, and people who cannot have children but still want to have sex.

When teaching about pleasure and the body it’s a good idea to start gently, by talking about sensitive parts of the body before focusing specifically on the sexual organs, arousal and orgasm. This is also the structure that this learning session follows. The last section of this learning session talks about the importance of recognising that ‘good feelings’ in your mind and emotions carry through to your body for a complete and satisfying sexual experience.

Like all the learning sessions in Part Two, this learning session aims to offer you lots of ideas for activities to use within your existing CSE sessions. It contains a mixture of activities for you to do yourself to prepare for teaching, and activities to use within a CSE session. By the end of Session 4 you should:

  • Have some new ideas about how to include pleasure within CSE sessions you are leading which focus on the body and anatomy
  • Feel more confident about including pleasure within the learning sessions that you are teaching.

4.1 Sensitive parts of the body