Learning Session 6: Sexual behaviours and practices


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Figure 6.1 Statues from Lakshmana Temple

This learning session helps you to include sexual pleasure within your CSE sessions when you are focusing on sexual behaviours and practices.

Sexuality education usually includes discussion on sexual behaviours and practices, but often any mention of sexual pleasure is excluded from these sessions. Discussing issues like contraception and safer sex is very important, but, as you will now realise from previous sessions, it is not comprehensive and sex-positive sexuality education without including sexual pleasure.

As an educator, your role is to help the young people you work with to think more critically about the many, often contradictory, messages about sexuality they receive every day from their families, the media and educational institutions, to help them work out what they want for themselves.

Like the other learning sessions in Part 2 of this resource, this learning session aims to offer you lots of activities to use within your existing CSE sessions. There are some activities to do yourself to help you prepare, and some activities to use within your CSE sessions. By the end of this session you should:

  • Have some new ideas about how to include pleasure within CSE sessions you are leading which focus on sexual behaviours and practices.
  • Feel more confident about including pleasure within these sessions.

6.1 Did you know?