12.8  Counselling clients with fertility problems

As much as possible you should try to counsel both partners together, because men often blame women for infertility when they themselves might be responsible.

  • What can you tell a couple when you are counselling them?

  • A man is just as likely to have fertility problems as a woman. Try for pregnancy for at least 12 months before worrying about infertility.

    Suggest she have sex more often during her most fertile time, using fertility awareness methods as covered in Study Session 4. The most fertile time of a woman’s cycle is about three days before the egg is released from the ovary, or more specifically 12–16 days after her previous menstruation in a normal menstrual cycle. Advise the couple about their general health, importance of regular exercise, and avoiding excessive alcohol drinking and smoking. If the couple fail to conceive after trying for an appropriate time, both partners need to be referred for evaluation.

12.7  Treatment of infertility

Summary of Study Session 12