Module 3: Looking at the Arts

Section 1 : Exploring the visual arts

Key Focus Question: How do you explore the visual arts with your pupils?

Keywords: art; masks; exhibitions; artefacts; thinking skills; crafts

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • developed your skills in carrying out classroom activities and related discussions in the area of visual arts;
  • developed pupils’ knowledge of the visual arts that are produced and used in the community;
  • undertaken practical artwork with your pupils.


Some of the most exciting parts of a society’s heritage are its arts and crafts traditions. The way that objects, both ornamental and everyday, are made and decorated, and the music and dancing that is produced, provide insight into the core values and needs of that society.

This section will show you how to introduce your pupils to visual arts that are around them and ways to use the visual arts to stimulate creative work in your classroom. Your task is to help pupils understand that artwork makes the environment attractive. In addition, you will want to develop the understanding that art is a means of communication and a way to transmit culture.

1. Using brainstorming to think about local art