Using local resources


Visits and other experiences the pupils have outside school can be used as part of the classroom lessons. What does Kevwe learn from the courtroom visit in this drama? Role play helps pupils to understand issues and to build respect for different viewpoints and positions. What can you as the teacher do to consolidate learning from visits when you are back in your classroom?

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Kite for rent:

As you listen to this drama, think about all the different learning that is taking place. Does the pupils' learning finish at the classroom door? What local materials could you use to support your pupils' learning? Who could you ask to help collect these materials for your lessons?

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No hiding place:

In this drama, Titus, the teacher, has invited a guest to the class. How useful is this community expert – Sergeant Vitus – in stimulating discussion about values in the classroom? How could teacher Titus continue the discussion around values with his pupils after the visitor has left? How would you prepare with your class for a visit by a community expert?

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The artwork:

In this drama, teacher Florence faces a crisis at her school. Listen to how she uses her pupils' creativity and local materials to resolve the problem. How can you celebrate your pupils' achievements? Have you displayed their work for other pupils in the school to see? Have you ever invited outside visitors to your school assembly?

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