Section 4 : Looking at light and shade

Key Focus Question: How can we integrate science with other areas of the curriculum?

Keywords: light; shadow; reflections; patterns; evaluate; prediction; investigation

Learning outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • supported pupils in carrying out their own investigations;
  • encouraged your pupils to develop the science skill of prediction;
  • developed your own skills and confidence in integrating different areas of the curriculum.


As a teacher of science, you need to help your pupils look carefully at things often taken for granted. Light, dark, shade, shadow, colour and reflection are very much part of our daily lives, but we often pay little attention to the science involved.

This section looks at how light behaves on different surfaces and objects. It suggests using active learning to help pupils understand how light is used for different purposes and develop their skills at prediction. It also builds on the links between science and the arts and technology. This should help pupils develop an understanding of applications of science.

Note: Resource 1: Safety advice for teachers has important safety advice relating to this topic.

1. Exploring Shadows