The Toolkit for Inclusive Education is a translation and adaptation of the Toolkit for Teacher Training in Inclusive Education in Togo designed and written by

  • Michèle Deane, TESSA, United Kingdom
  • Amivi-Cra Komlan, Training Directorate (Direction des Formations), University of Lomé, Togo.

Our thanks to 

  • Gareth Dart, University of Worcester, UK; Professor Therese Tchombe, UNESCO Chair for Inclusive Education, University of Buea, Cameroon; Claire Woodward, The Open University, UK, for her support and feedback on the French version
  • The Charles Telfair Institute, Moka, Mauritius, for their translation into English and their adaptation to the Mauritius context: Dr. Fiona Grant (Team Leader); Maryline Lamy, Mariam Ramankhan (Lecturers); Jason Callet, Ilia Evangelo, Lisa Lim Hon, Loïc Tadebois, Jessica Sive Yan Hing, Cynara Nyahoda, Nitisha Lollbeharree-Kureemun, Sonali Ramdass (Students) and, for her support, Odylle Charoux, (Director of Academic Affairs).

This Toolkit is an Open Educational Resource (OER). After reading and using this toolkit, your feedback and comments are welcome.

Contact us at:

TESSA Programme

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Milton Keynes


United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1908 652 391


Direction des Formations du Togo

Université de Lomé

BP 1306, Lomé


+228 22 25 30 45

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