3.4 Encouraging collaboration

Encouraging collaboration by giving each pupil a significant role matching his/her strengths and weaknesses

One way to integrate all pupils in the teaching/learning process is to encourage collaboration within clearly defined criteria set by the teacher. Working in a small group, pupils develop their social skills, learn from each other, share knowledge and encourage each other. Giving a significant role to each group member allows members of the group to mutualise their skills and diversities and respect each other’s differences.

Case study 5: Mr Sy organises group work

Mr Sy teaches at a school in Saint-Louis in Senegal. One of his favourite TESSA resources is the key resources Using group work in your classroom [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] , which is on the TESSA website. He often reads it again when he wants to organise group work. To help his pupils, he prepared a poster.

Mr Sy: Children, we are going to work in groups of six.

The children: (all shouting and getting in groups of six) Yes, yes, yes sir.

Jean: I am the leader of the group.

Mr Sy: You were the leader yesterday. What about being the rapporteur today. Who will be the leader?

Ibrahima: Me, sir, me!

Mr Sy:No, we will ask Alice.

Jean: Oh! No! Not a girl!

Alice: Yes, sir!

Mr Sy: That’s good! Ibrahima, do you want to be the reader?

Ibrahima: Yes, sir!

Daouda: Can I be the time keeper?

Mr Sy: Very good, thank you Daouda. Djibril, what about you? What are you going to do?

Djibril: I do not want to be the summariser; I am no good at summary.

Mr Sy: I will help you. Okay, Djibril?

Djibril: Okay.

Abdoulaye: I’m going to be the artist.

Mr Sy: Okay. Are the other groups ready? Everyone has a role?

The children: Yes, sir.

Mr Sy: Good! Readers, come and collect the work to be done. I will go from group to group to help.

Activity 14: Good inclusive classroom practices

This activity will help teachers to identify inclusive classroom practices.

  • Read Case study 5 again and identify good practices used by Mr Sy.
  • How are these practices beneficial to each pupil?
  • Download the key resource Using group work in your classroom from the TESSA website and add to your list of good practices.

If you work with one or several colleagues, share your answers and add to your list.

3.3 Managing classroom interactions to create a positive, respectful and accepting environment.

3.5 Focusing motivation to include all pupils in learning