7 Why and how can you share TESSA?

The following case study details why and how a teacher in Tanzania, Miss Peliwe Bahame, shared TESSA with colleagues in her school, perhaps you can do the same.

TESSA Snapshot: Sharing across the school

When Miss Peliwe Bahame, a teacher from Tanzania, returned from a TESSA workshop, she immediately shared these exciting materials that provided her with activity-based learning resources, with her school leadership and members of staff.

Having used TESSA materials in her lessons, Miss Bahame wanted to share some of her adapted activities with TESSA users in Tanzania, so she exchanges ideas and lessons by e-mails and phone messages with colleagues in other areas of Tanzania.

Miss Bahame was also interested to know what other teachers’ experiences were for using TESSA activities in their lessons. She therefore really looks forward to meeting colleagues from neighbouring schools at the weekly TESSA club organised at the local teacher centre.

You may want to share TESSA with:

  • Your school leadership;
  • Your colleagues in your school;
  • Teachers in other schools;
  • Friends;
  • Student teachers;
  • District education officials.

6 What do you think you learned from teaching with TESSA materials?

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