This week you have learned about a lot of different tools and technologies, including social media, that can be used in online teaching. You have learned how to choose the right tool for each task, beginning with the learning outcomes you want learners to achieve.

Next week we will be looking at another side to social media’s role in taking your teaching online – the role of facilitating the creation and development of your own networks.

While you contemplate all of the tools and technologies that you’ve been made aware of this week, let’s see how Rita’s been coping with all this useful information.

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Rita says that she is quite daunted by all of the different technologies available, but that she is also quite excited at the prospect of doing her teaching in different ways. She is planning to experiment with some tools to see what seems to be the best for her purposes - and the easiest to use!

Rita really likes the idea of screencasting, both for demonstrating practical techniques and for showing the students how to use the online learning systems. She is planning to repurpose her existing PowerPoint slides, and to try making little video clips using her phone or maybe her webcam.

Rita has started working through the big table of technologies we introduced this week. She has identified her objectives with online learning as a mixture of self-directed learning, co-learning, giving and receiving feedback, collaboration, and oral presentation and communication skills. So she is able to see from the table a range of relevant activities she could try, and tools that she might use.

Rita says that although there are so many possibilities, she feels less overwhelmed than she did, and that she is confident enough to start investigating some of the possibilities now.

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