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Week 1

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Activity 2 Video: Engaging and motivating students; Australian Learning and Teaching Council,

Activity 3 Video: Flipped classrooms © MADdraw Productions

Week 2

Dr Su Myat: © @bryanMMathers

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Figure 2: CDC/Amanda Mills, from Public Health Image Library (Website),

Figure 4: © R. R. Puentedura, The SAMR Model, image file by Lefflerd,

Video: Learning Objects: © learnIT2teach

Week 3

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Video: Activity 2: Flipped Teacher Training /

Video: © Yin Tun

Actitivy 1: Video: Aligning Text; © JISC;

Activity 2: Video: Flipped Teacher Training;

Activity 4: Infographic: taken from:; diagram provided by Online Colleges

Week 4

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Figure 5: Produced by David Monniaux using GMT from data by USGS, IGN and INSEE

Figure 6: Activity 2: Can’t locate in the Portal?

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