Life and career planning for women


Welcome to Life and career planning. We are really pleased that you have chosen to study this course. We hope you find it useful.

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Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, you will:

  • know more about different careers
  • be able to see how your experiences influence your career and your goals
  • understand the importance of life–work balance in career planning. This means choosing a career which does not cause any difficulties in other parts of your life and which you have the right education and training to do
  • know more about what you look for in your work or job, and how these things can influence your goals
  • have made a career plan for the next two years.

How you can study this course

This course should take you about 1 hour. Each section has a video that is the main focus of your study. Some sections contain activity sheets. These are files for you to download and use outside of the course. We hope they will further help you to reflect on the course material and support you in your career planning.

Digital badge information

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What is a badged course?

Badges recognise the skills and achievements acquired through informal study and are entirely optional. They do not carry any formal credit as they are not subject to the same rigour as formal assessment. The badge is proof that you have studied this course and is a useful means of demonstrating participation and recognising your learning.

Now we will start the course properly, with Section 1.

1. What is a career?