3.4.4  Face hygiene

Our face reveals our daily practice of personal hygiene. Face hygiene includes all parts of the face. The most important area to keep clean is the eyes. The eye discharges protective fluids that could dry and accumulate around the eye. They are visible when a person gets up in the morning. The organic substance of the eye discharge can attract flies and this is dangerous because the fly is a carrier (vector) of trachoma and conjunctivitis.

A person should wash their face every morning in order to remove all dirt that they have come in contact with during the course of the day. This will keep your face clean all day. Children are advised to wash their face frequently. Never share your face towel with others.

  • Why is it inadvisable to share a face towel?

  • Because some diseases, such as conjunctivitis and trachoma, can be transmitted easily from person to person in this way.

3.4.3  Handwashing (hand care)

3.4.5  Fingernail and toenail hygiene (nail care)