Hygiene and Environmental Health Module: 21.  Latrine Utilisation – Changing Attitudes and Behaviour

Study Session 21  Latrine Utilisation – Changing Attitudes and Behaviour


There is poor utilisation of latrines among individuals and families in some communities in Ethiopia. In the previous study session, you have learned about the alternative types and construction of latrines. In this study session, you will learn how to encourage latrine utilisation. You will be able to identify and take into account the factors that may influence people against using latrines. Involving model families to share their experiences and participate in regular inspections will help households to properly use their latrines, to seek technical advice when they need it and to solve any problems they encounter. The purpose of this study session is to teach you about approaches that are currently being used to achieve behavioural changes of individuals, families and communities towards good practice of hygiene and sanitation.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 21