Hygiene and Environmental Health Module: 7. Introduction to the Principles of Food Hygiene and Safety

Study Session 7  Introduction to the Principles of Food Hygiene and Safety


Food hygiene and safety usually refer to contamination with ‘microorganisms’ or ‘microbes’; whereas in communicable diseases, the term ‘infectious agents’ is preferred.

All over the world people are seriously affected every day by diseases that are caused by consuming unhygienic and unsafe food. We have to give due emphasis to good hygienic practices to prevent and control foodborne diseases. Foodborne diseases result from eating foods that contain infectious or toxic substances. The food we eat should be free from contaminants such as microorganisms and chemicals. This session will introduce the principles of food hygiene and safety. You will also learn about food control, food inspection and supportive enforcement measures that can contribute to food hygiene and safety.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 7